The Arkansas National Guard Foundation (ANGF) through its endowment and insurance program maintains funds to award annual scholarships to members of NGAA and the Enlisted Association of the Arkansas National Guard (EAANG) and their dependents. The endowment is managed by a board of directors selected from the NGAA and EAANG.

The scholarships may be used for any and all college expenses. A scholarship selection committee reviews applications and awards scholarships based on guidelines provided by the board of directors of each association and the endowment. Prerequisites to apply for the scholarships are:

  • Members of the Arkansas National Guard, their dependents, and dependents of deceased members of the Arkansas National Guard may apply.
  • Applicant or his/her sponsor must have paid their NGAA or EAANG membership dues for the year in which the scholarships are awarded (does not apply to dependents of deceased members).

  • Applicant or his/her sponsor must be covered under the state sponsored life insurance (SSLI) program administered by NGAA (unless dependent of deceased member).

  • Dependents of deceased members of NGAA/EAANG may apply if the deceased member had coverage under the NGAA group life insurance program.

  • Members of the Arkansas National Guard applying for a scholarship must be their own sponsor and meet all the eligibility requirements listed above.

Scholarships apply to full time  enrollment at in-state or out-of-state colleges, two or four-year colleges, graduate school or vocational training. Fifty $750 scholarships were awarded for the school year 2024-2025. A list of the recipients can be viewed by clicking on Scholarship Recipients 2023-2024 link below.