The Arkansas National Guard Foundation funds programs that help maintain engagement with our retirees and preserves the military heritage of Arkansas National Guard units and their military predecessors.

Since their humble beginnings as two militia companies formed during the American Revolution, Arkansas National Guard units have served in every armed conflict and multiple state and national emergencies. The Foundation supports the Arkansas National Guard Museum in its mission to collect information and artifacts relating to the Arkansas National Guard and its militia predecessor relating to Camp Joseph T. Robinson and its predecessor, Camp Pike, and to make those artifacts available to the public and to posterity.

Additionally, the Foundation recognizes that military, personal, and family readiness and resiliency is dramatically bolstered through community and through connectedness. The Foundation supports efforts to maintain communications and a sense of community in all members of the Arkansas National Guard, their families, and their survivors, from its past, to its present and future.

Number of Retired Service Members in Arkansas:

Number Currently Serving:
14,945 Service Members from Arkansas
, including all Branches and all Components (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard).

Number of NGAR members who retire or separate each year:
1,305 Service Members
leave the Arkansas National Guard each year

Lloyd England Hall
The current home of the Arkansas National Guard Museum. The Building itself was built in 1932 and is on the National Register of Historic Places