One of the most pressing readiness issues for National Guard commanders when mobilizing National Guard Soldiers and Airmen is Physical and Dental Readiness.

While some treatment care is provided to members, many times this expedient care is what is most cost effective for constrained government budgets. In the case of dental care, this may involve complete tooth extraction rather than true restorative care. The Foundation can provide vouchers to service members for restorative dental care. The Foundation is also committed to providing some education on dental hygiene practices that will contribute to dental readiness.

Healthcare assistance is a further benefit to the State of Arkansas. Prospective employees who already posses medical coverage are attractive to Arkansas employers. The Foundation’s farthest reaching goal is to share the cost of Tricare Reserve Select for Guard members and their families. This will ensure that members have access to quality healthcare on a year-round basis while providing Arkansas employers with fully insured employees.

Part-time Soldiers and Airmen are expected to maintain the same high physical fitness standards as their active-duty counterparts.
Operational readiness demands peak physical performance from all guard personnel, but military health care is constrained in what support they can provide to National Guard members.

Average Annual Employee premium in Arkansas for employer sponsored plan

Average Cost of Dental Insurance in Arkansas
$30-$45 per month

Dental insurance premiums in Arkansas are similar to the rest of the United States. The average policyholder can expect to pay between $30 and $45 per month for coverage for an individual plan.

Percentage of Arkansas Veterans living in Poverty

Homeless Veteran Population in Arkansas

Active-duty Personnel receiving SNAP benefits

– based on 2013 data (the last year for which statistics are available).

Annual Preventative Health Assessments look for medical conditions that may hinder service but are not designed to treat soldiers or airmen.