The Arkansas National Guard succeeds when it attracts, develops, and retains a highly-skilled and educated work force.

The Arkansas National Guard Foundation aims to support the Arkansas Work-Force by providing focused, high-quality professional development, enhanced leadership experiences, and educational opportunities. The Foundation underwrites various state and national conferences and professional development seminars aimed at furthering service-member development.

These initiatives supplement the Arkansas Department of the Military by providing programs that combat the problem of suicide among currently serving and recently separated members who could be at risk of self-harm. Initiatives include life skills, counter-drug, and financial literacy training to all National Guard families. These programs ensure that Guard members are resilient and have the tools they need to succeed as leaders in the Arkansas workforce and are planning for retirement and post service job placement.

Cohort of junior Arkansas officers and enlisted travel to the Nation’s Capitol to brief senior leaders on readiness issues affecting the force.

Arkansas National Guard Workforce breakout:

8,400 total members in the Arkansas National Guard

  • 6,500 in the Army National Guard
  • 1,900 in the Air National Guard

The Arkansas National Guard consists of 2053 Army and Air National Guardsmen who work full-time to Man, Equip, and Train the Force, supported by 500 State Military Department employees

6,347 total members of the Arkansas National Guard serve on a part-time basis. These members have civilian careers in their local communities and do military training a least one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.

  • 5,280 in the Army National Guard
  • 1,067 in the Air National Guard

Approximately 500 Guard members travel from out-of-state to serve in Arkansas, while 7900 members are employed within the state.

The Foundation provides opportunities for soldiers and airmen to interface with civil and military leaders at all levels of government.